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  9. fi-5015C Compatibility status with Windows Server® 2016

fi-5015C Compatibility status with Windows Server® 2016

The compatibility statuses of the fi-5015C supported driver and software with Windows Server® 2016*1 are indicated in the following tables.

Windows Server® 2016
Software Status
TWAIN Driver Supported by V9.19.922 or later.
ISIS™ Driver Supported by V1.0.11207.17001a or later.
Error Recovery Guide Supported by V2.7.3.1 or later.
Image Processing Software (Trial) Supported by V2.5L28 or later.
ScandAll PRO
ScandAll PRO V1 Not supported.*2
ScandAll PRO V2 Supported by V2.1.0 or later.
ScandAll PRO V2 Premium Supported by V2.1.0 or later.
Third party Products
Scan to Microsoft SharePoint Supported by V3.4.2 / V5.0.1 or later.
Adobe Acrobat Standard (V11 or earlier) Not supported.
QuickScan Pro V4.x (Trial) Not supported.

*1 : Windows Server® 2016 indicates the following:
            Windows Server® 2016 Standard

*2 : Upgrade V1 to V2.x (which is non-free) to use ScandAll PRO in Windows Server® 2016 .
      Refer to "ScandAllPRO V2" above for the compatibility status of the application.