What settings are needed to start a scan from the Scan button on the scanner?

Follow the steps in Settings on Windows®OS and Settings on the application side to configure the settings.

Settings on Windows® OS

  1. Log on to the computer as a user with administrator privileges.
    If the scanner driver is not installed yet, install the driver first.
  2. Check that the scanner and the computer are connected. Power on the scanner.
  3. From the [Start] menu on Windows®, select [Control Panel] -> [Devices and printers]
  4. Right click the scanner icon and select [Scan properties]
  5. On the properties window of the scanner, select the [Event] tab, and set the following items.

    1. Select an event: Select a button to assign.
    2. Start this program: Select an application to run when the assigned button is pressed.

    The following is an example of the settings to start up PaperStream Capture when the Scan Button is pressed.

  6. Click [OK] to save the settings.

Settings on the application side

To check whether the application you are using can be started by a button, refer to the User's Guide of your application.
The following is a setting procedure for PaperStream Capture (Pro). PaperStream Capture must be installed beforehand.

  1. From the Windows® [Start] menu, select [PaperStream Capture] -> [Administrator Tool].
  2. Select the [Usability] tab, and for each button displayed in Event, select the name of the scanning profile to scan with when the button is pressed.
  3. Click the [Save] button to save the settings and exit the Administrator Tool.
  4. Press the button on the operation panel of the scanner to confirm that scanning is started.
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