How can I clean my scanner for disinfection?

Read the following precautions carefully and use isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to clean your scanner.

  • A solution of 70% or higher IPA and 30% water is recommended.
  • Do not spray the IPA directly onto the scanner.
    Spray it onto a dry cloth to clean.
  • The IPA is usable on plastic, metal, and LCD.
  • Use the same kind of cleaning cloth (dry cloth) described in the Operator's Guide of each scanner.
  • Wipe the glass surface with a dry cloth after using IPA.
  • Do not use the IPA on the imprinter rubber roller.
    Bactericidal effect decreases but use the Cleaner F1 instead.

Do not use ethanol or sodium hypochlorite solution.

There is no guarantee that the cleaning method above provides a 100% bactericidal effect.

Target Scanner:
fi Series, SP Series, ScanSnap

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