Is PaperStream IP compatible with Fujitsu TWAIN driver or Fujitsu ISIS™ driver?

Some function are not compatible with PaperStream IP. Kindly refer to the following table.
Please check your system to confirm the compatibility prior to use.

Incompatible Example
(1) Driver Name TWAIN driver (previous) "FUJITSU fi-XXXX"
(PaperStream IP) "PaperStream IP fi-XXXX"
ISIS™ driver (previous) "Fujitsu fi-XXXX"
(PaperStream IP) "PaperStream_IP fi-XXXX"
(2) Scanning Profile (TWAIN) No compatibility with the format of the profile.
(3) Driver Default Settings Auto document size detection (previous) Disabled
(PaperStream IP) Enabled
Auto orientation (previous) Disabled
(PaperStream IP) Enabled
Black & White output (previous) Static Threshold
(PaperStream IP) Dynamic Threshold (iDTC)
(4) Supported image type Outputting an image in 4-bit color, 8-bit color, or 4-bit grayscale is not supported in PaperStream IP.
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