What is the default setting for each sample profile?

The main default settings for each sample profile are as following:

Default Setting
PaperStream IP Profile Output file format
Black and White 001: B&W Default MultiPage Tiff (CCITT G4)
Color 002: Color Default PDF (JPEG)
Auto-Color 003: Auto-Color Default PDF (CCITT G4 / JPEG)
One Push Scan
Compatible with ScanSnap Manager for fi Compatible with ScanSnap Manager for fi

Destination: If the OS is installed in C drive, the destination is specified as below:

  • OSs except Windows® XP : C:¥Users¥Public¥Documents
  • Windows® XP : C:¥Documents and SettingsAll Users¥Documents

Separation: None
Index: None
For the detailed default settings of PaperStream Capture, refer to "Document Profile Summary".

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