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What is the ISIS™ driver?

What is the ISIS™ driver?

ISIS™ stands for "Image and Scanner Interface Specification".
ISIS™ drivers are a kind of software that is used to control scanners.
The ISIS™ driver provides efficient operation for the scanner and the application software.

The ISIS™ drivers are genuine products developed specifically for use with the "Fujitsu Image Scanner fi Series." PFU guarantees their operation and provides standard support for them. More than 300 titles of imaging applications support the ISIS™ driver and the users of these applications can be confident and safe in using the "Fujitsu Image Scanner fi Series".

In the ten years since its initial launch, ISIS™ Driver has been adopted by 134 imaging application development companies around the world. It is for all practical purposes a de facto standard for connecting business applications and scanners. In particular, it is widely used in mission-critical systems that provide and manage governmental, financial and medical services.

QuickScan Pro Demo, a demonstration version of Pixel Translations' image scan viewing software, is also bundled, which has millions of users throughout the world. It supports more than 40 image file formats including TIFF, JPEG, and PDF. With the excellent operability of the ISIS™ drivers, users can enjoy efficient scanning immediately after installing their scanner. By bundling both TWAIN Driver and ISIS™ Driver as scanner drivers, Fujitsu image scanner fi series support almost 100% of the imaging software available today, making it possible to introduce Fujitsu image scanner fi series whatever the use.