I cannot access the PaperStream NX Manager page because of HTTP error (500).

Please check by the following methods.

  • Confirm if the HTTP/HTTPS setting match the device and PaperStream NX Manager.
  • Confirm IIS Manager to see if the PaperStream NX Manager's application pool and site (NmXXXX) are down.
  • Check that the following communication (ports) are not blocked by the firewall. If they are blocked, refer to your firewall documentation and change the settings so that communication can be established over those port numbers.

    Function Port number(*1) Protcol Number
    Scanner connection 20447 (HTTP/HTTPS) 6(TCP)
    Browser connection 10447 (HTTP/HTTPS) 6(TCP)
    REST API linkage 30447 (HTTP/HTTPS) 6(TCP)
    Web Scan linkage 40447 (HTTP/HTTPS) 6(TCP)

    *1: Those port numbers were specified during installation of NX Manager or set with IIS.

    Refer to PaperStream NX Manager User's Guide - "Changing the Firewall Settings".

  • If you use a proxy, check the proxy server settings of Internet Explorer.
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