USB 3.0 connection is unstable.

When the fi scanner is connected via USB 3.x, please try the workarounds that follows.


  • The scanner is not found.
  • Communication error occurs while scanning.
  • Connection between the computer and the scanner is unstable.


When you connect the scanner to your computer using USB 3.x, some computers might not respond properly and the connection might become unstable.
Follow the procedure below to change the USB connection mode to USB 2.0 mode and check whether it is improved.


  • USB 2.0 mode does not reduce scanning speed.
  • Check for "The image scanner cannot be found" symptom.
  • Depending on this workaround, the scanner may be re-selected in the application.

For fi-7700, fi-7700S, fi-7600, fi-7480, fi-7460, fi-8190, fi-8290, fi-8170, and fi-8270

  1. Display the Administrator menu from the scanner operator panel.
    • i.
      Press the [Menu] button on the operator panel to display the [Settings Menu] screen.
    • ii.
      Press the [△] and [▽] buttons on the operator panel at the same time (for three seconds or longer).
      The screen display of the operator panel switches to [Settings Menu (Admin)].
      Restart the scanner to return to the user menu.
  2. Use the [△] button to select [USB], then press the [Scan/Enter] button.


    • The displayed contents and menu number vary depending on the model. (Example: [24: USB]/[25: USB]/[26: USB])
    • If [USB] does not appear in the Administrator menu, update the firmware before proceeding.
  3. Select [2: USB 2.0] and press the [Scan/Enter] button to switch from [Automatic] (the default) to [USB 2.0].
  4. The scanner restarts.
  5. Check if the symptoms have improved.

For fi-7180, fi-7280, fi-7160(B), fi-7260, fi-8150, and fi-8250

Check either a or b below.

  • a)
    If your computer has a USB 2.0 port, connect the scanner to the USB 2.0 port.
  • b)
    Download the dedicated tool and change to USB 2.0 fixed mode.

[Notes on the dedicated tool]

  • After changing the settings with this tool, turn the power of the scanner off then back on.
  • The PaperStream IP (TWAIN) driver must be installed in advance.
  • Update the firmware in advance.
  • After setting is changed by this tool, the scan setting values of the driver may be initialized. After setting, check the scan settings from your application.

[Procedure for using the dedicated tool]

  1. Download the tool here and extract the zip file.
  2. Run USBChangeTool_*-*-*-*.exe.
    The tool (USBChangeTool.exe) is unzipped as follows:
  3. Run USBChangeTool.exe.
  4. If the current setting is [Automatic], select [USB 2.0] and click the [Apply] button.
  5. When the [Successfully switched] message appears, click the [OK] button.
  6. Turn the power of the scanner off then back on.
  7. Check if the symptoms have improved.


  • For details on using the tool, refer to Readme_en.pdf in the Readme folder.

For fi-7300NX

Follow the procedure below to change the scanner USB setting to [USB 2.0].

  1. On the touch screen of the scanner, press → USBChangeTool.exe → [Scanner Settings] → [USB].
  2. Select [USB 2.0].

For other USB 3.x enables models

Refer to the section on configuring USB operation of the operator's guide for your model.

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