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Paper Separation Force Control

If errors such as multifeed, pick error and paper jam frequently occur, adjust the paper separation force on the operator panel. (In ordinary operation, there is no need to configure this setting. Use your scanner under the default settings.)

To change the paper separation force, use the operator panel.


  • Pressing the [ Scanning ] button raises the paper separation force by one level.
  • Pressing the [ Scanning ] button lowers the paper separation force by one level.

The five paper separation force levels are described as follows:

  High Paper Type
■■■■■ Scanning High friction, difficult to separate
Prevents multifeeds.
■■■□□   Normal (thickness: about 52 to 127 g/m²)
■■□□□ Scanning  
■□□□□ Low friction, easy to separate
Prevents pick error and paper jam.

  • Set the level high when multifeeds occur frequently.
  • Set the level low when pick errors or paper jams occur frequently.
  • Errors such as multifeed, pick error and paper jam may also be caused by worn-out consumables or foreign matter inside the feeding mechanism. If these symptoms do not improve after changing the paper thickness, either replace the consumables or clean the inside of the scanner.
  • Documents may be damaged when the paper separation force is set too high. In this case, lower the paper separation force.