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Imprinter Error

When an error occurs in the imprinter, one of the following error codes is displayed on the LCD of the scanner's operator panel.

A0:B2 Imprinter error (RAM)
A1:B3 Imprinter error (communication timeout)
A3:B6 Imprinter error (EEPROM)
A4:B8 Imprinter error (ROM)
A2:BB Imprinter error (front-side imprinter print head)
A2:B5 Imprinter error (back-side imprinter print head)

Confirm that the print cartridge is installed properly referring to Replacing the Print Cartridges.
Then, reconnect the imprinter cable.
If turning on the scanner again does not solve the problem, note down the message displayed in the Error Recovery Guide window and contact your FUJITSU scanner dealer or an authorized FUJITSU scanner service provider.