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Loading Documents in the ADF

  1. If you are loading multiple sheets, check the documents.
    1. Check if the documents to be loaded are of the same width or different widths.
      Ways to load documents differ depending on whether the documents are of the same width or not.
      If the document width varies, refer to the Operator's Guide.
    2. Check the number of sheets.
      Up to 80 sheets can be loaded (with paper weight of 80g/m² [20 lb] and thickness of the document stack under 8 mm).
  2. Fan the documents.
    Before loading a stack of documents, fan them by referring to "How to Fan Documents".
  3. Pull out the chute extensions according to the length of the document.


  4. Use the stacker and the stacker extension according to the length of the document.


  5. Load the document face-down in the ADF paper chute (Feeder).



    Remove all paper clips and staples. Reduce the number of sheets if a multifeed or pick error occurs.

  6. Adjust the side guides to the width of the document.
    Do not leave space between the side guides and the document.
    Otherwise, the document may be fed skewed.