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  7. Error Recovery Guide: fi-6800 / fi-6400

Loading Documents

  1. Straighten the document stack.
    Straighten both edges of the document stack.
  2. Fan the document.
    When loading a number of document sheets, fan the document as follows referring to How to Fan Documents.
  3. Straighten the edges of the document stack again.
  4. Load the document on the hopper.
    Place the document face up on the hopper table.
  5. Adjust the hopper side guides to the document width.
    Pressing the side guide clutches, slide the hopper side guides so that they contact the document sides.
    Note that the document may be fed askew if there is some space between the document edges and the guides.
The procedure can be viewed on the icon-movieVideo.

  • Make sure that the document stack does not exceed the maximum load line on the inner side of the hopper side guides.
  • When loading a long document, extend the hopper extension.

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