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Error Codes

When an error occurs while the scanner is being used, the LED indicator lights in orange and an error code is displayed on the Function Number Display of the operator panel.

  • For temporary errors
    The letter "J" or "U" and an error code appear alternately.
  • For device errors
    The letter "E", "C", "H", or "L" and an alarm number appear alternately.

Temporary errors can be recovered by operators, whereas device errors require troubleshooting by a service engineer.


a LED Indicator
b Function Number Display
c [Send to] Button
d [Scan/Stop] Button
e Error Code

While a temporary error is displayed, press the [Scan/Stop] button or the [Send to] button to clear the error indication.
Note that a paper jam message disappears after a certain period of time elapses if there are no documents ([Ready] status) in the scanner.