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Less Document Sheets Were Scanned than the Settings Configured

Though you attempted to scan a whole document batch in Document Count Check mode with the document count pre-configured in Doc Counting mode, less document sheets were scanned.
If there are some sheets to scan, load them on the hopper and click the [Retry] button to continue the scan.
If there is no sheet to scan, click the [Cancel] button, then check if the number of scanned sheets is less than the settings configured, and check if there are any sheets not scanned correctly.


To resume the scan, select either of the following ways:

  • Press the [Counter Reset] button on the scanner's operator panel.

    → This resets the counted value, and continues the scan in Document Count Check mode.

  • Press the [Stop] button on the scanner's operator panel.

    → This clears Document Count Check mode, and continues the scan in Doc Counting mode.

HINT: For details of the Document Count Check and Doc Counting modes, refer to the Operator's Guide.

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