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Functional Overview

Functional Overview

XBRL Data Creation, Validation, Conversion and Management

Data CreationData Creation - Users can create an XBRL instance using WebForm, ExcelForm or directly from the database.
Both WebForm and ExcelForm are automatically created from the taxonomy.

Data ValidationData Validation - Invalid data will be highlighted by using an XBRL formula, providing an instant visual check.

Data ManagementData Management - Easy management of taxonomy changes to comply with new regulations and laws for XBRL operations.

Data Conversion - XBRL data can be converted to CSV, Excel and XML formats for effective use within other systems.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tool

BI in RAPORTADO provides more flexible data analysis. It allows you to:
-Integrate existing data sources and submitted reports at server side
-Add local data sources dynamically

Workflow / BAM Engine

RAPORTADO provides a workflow system, which manages operations such as document creation, application and approval.
It also provides Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) for customers to manage the status of operation processes.

Enterprise Service Bus

RAPORTADO supports a variety of features based on the concept of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This includes XBRL data access, mediation, transfer, conversion and distribution through different protocols such as HTTP, JMS, FTP, POP, SMTP.

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