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Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

RAPORTADO holds standard templates of functions and settings above. By utilizing these templates for system development customers experience the following benefits:

  1. Rapid system development with minimum risk
    The template application contains rich standard operational functions that can be used as models for XBRL-based reporting systems. This can reduce the time taken to design and build systems compared to application development from scratch. The RAPORTADO template application has been developed based on actual customer case studies and our extensive experience. As such it now enables lower risk system development and robust operations.
  2. Easy expansion and maintenance
    Key to XBRL systems is the ability to add new XBRL formats in response to external factors such as changes to regulations. The RAPORTADO template application enables such changes to be made easily. You can apply these changes whilst maintaining continuous, low cost and stable operations.

Use Cases

RAPORTADO is applicable to various types of business reporting.

Use Cases

For example:

  • RAPORTADO provides timely disclosure operations for stock exchanges
  • Government ministries use RAPORTADO for corporate accounting
  • The software can support environmental reporting

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