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Supercomputing Pioneer

Potential to solve the world's most pressing dilemmas

Demand for supercomputing capabilities is rising the world over, driven primarily by the need for effective, reliable solutions to increasingly complex social, environmental and business challenges. This is also pushing high-end computational modeling and simulation capabilities beyond the R&D labs and into the commercial and manufacturing world. A game-changing generation of petascale supercomputers is delivering the horsepower to perform the most sophisticated, compute-intensive simulations.

We are positioned at the forefront of the supercomputing space with 30 years' experience in the successful development of high-performance systems. Cooperating with leading research bodies, we believe that supercomputing has the potential to solve the world’s most pressing dilemmas.
In November 2011, the K computer broke the 10 petaflops speed barrier, winning the number one spot in the TOP500 world supercomputer rankings for the second time. And that is just one example of the 1200-plus supercomputing systems we have custom-developed for our customers around the world.

Shaping tomorrow together

Masahiko Yamada, President of the Technical Computing Solutions Unit at Fujitsu Limited in Japan. "What is clear to me, is that ICT should be much more useful when it comes to predicting natural disasters and minimizing their impact, with the goal of bringing about a sustainable society. For example, we more or less know how tsunamis occur, and supercomputers should be very helpful when it comes to predicting the likely damage and planning strategies around that."

Masahiko Yamada, President of the Technical Computing Solutions Unit at Fujitsu Limited in Japan.

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