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SC10 Presentation Download

The K computer: Project Overview (552 KB) Next-Generation Supercomputer R&D Center, RIKEN
Team Leader, Dr. Fumiyoshi Shoji
The K computer: Interconnect of the K computer (2.28 MB ) Tomohiro Inoue, Fujitsu
The K computer: Programming on the K computer (385 KB) Koh Hotta, Fujitsu
The K computer: Toward for Application Performance Improvement (2.50 MB ) Application Development Team Research and Development Group,
Next-Generation Supercomputer R & D Center, RIKEN
Team Leader, Mr. Kazuo Minami
Open Petascale Libraries (798 KB) Dr. Ross Nobes, Fujitsu Laboratories Europe
SynfiniWay, for an industrial-strength Enterprise Cloud (807 KB) Fujitsu Systems Europe
FLASHWAVE, Packet Optical Networking Platform (888 KB) Fujitsu Network Communications
Building Scalable HPC Clusters with Voltaire InfiniBand (715 KB) Asaf Wachtel, Voltaire
Improve Your Productivity with Simplified Cluster Management (701 KB) Jeffrey Yamamoto, Platform Computing