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Applications of the Fujitsu RFID and Sensor Solution

Our RFID and Sensor Solution can be applied to a wide range of industries. Here we describe a few examples of possible deployment scenarios such as Aerospace RFID. Please contact us today and see how our AIT experts can add value to your process flow by leveraging our RFID and Sensor (AIT) Solution.


Aviation RFID

Aircraft parts have lifecycles that can run into decades, from design and manufacturing through to repair and disposal. Each part requires careful management. RFID technology can be used across the full lifecycle of the operations to provide real-time automated visibility, streamline processes and reduce waste. With regards to aircraft parts, the technology enables a range of information, such as part number, serial number, date of manufacture and even maintenance history, to be electronically and digitally attached to aircraft components.
Fujitsu has been selected by Airbus S.A.S in 2014 as its RFID solution provider for the AIRBUS Traceability Project (the AIRBUS RFID Integrated Label Project) and ABS1860 standard-compliant parts. Also, in 2016, Boeing chose Fujitsu as its certified RFID tag supplier and D6 standard-compliant parts. This RFID parts marking project is about the labelling of major aircraft components with an RFID label at the point of entry in the manufacturing process for all applicable planes, allowing individual components to be tracked and enabling accurate traceability during the assembly of the aircraft.


Defense RFID

The Fujitsu RFID and Sensor Solution speeds up the maintenance of helicopter, battle plane and transport plane utilizing the tag-stored information. In addition to periodically scheduled maintenance, Fujitsu RFID and Sensor Solution will reduce the time for unexpected maintenance before emergent sortieing. The RFID tags attached to parts will ease the process of getting accurate inventory status (parts marking).

Plant, Oil and Gas Industry

Plant, Oil and Gas Industry RFID

Fujitsu offers a full line of durable RFID tags built to withstand harsh environment such as oil and gas production plant. Our RFID Integrated Labels can store asset and maintenance data, providing anywhere, anytime access even in remote locations. They can also operate safely in volatile oil and gas production environments where the tags are exposed to contaminants and the weather.


Healthcare RFID

Hospitals must be able to properly inventory, track and account for every piece of equipment used by clinicians, including small items that can't be managed with RTLS systems. In addition, medical device manufacturers must comply with the FDA's new Unique Device Identification (UDI) track-and trace requirements that require the use of Automated Identification Technology (AIT). Fujitsu's AIT Solutions provide the building blocks that can help you achieve total life cycle visibility, meet FDA traceability requirements and help ensure adherence to internal process requirements.


Railroad  RFID

Train cars are overhauled and inspected periodically. There are different kinds of maintenance programs regulated by national laws. Fujitsu has conducted experiments in this field. Results show that our RFID tags endure harsh environment such as long run in bad weather, and cleaning during the overhaul.


Maritime RFID

Periodical maintenance is mandatory for ships as well as aircrafts. However, when parts are broken during navigation, they would typically be replaced or repaired at the next port. Therefore, parts are very likely to rotate among ships in maritime industry. The Fujitsu RFID and Sensor Solutions supports the safe voyage with continual maintenance history data being maintained on RFID tags. RFID tags also can be used to provide proof of authenticity for the parts (such as a certification document or attributes).


Logistics RFID

Traceability is nowadays a key requirement for efficient business operations and regulatory compliance. Businesses need to know the location, condition and history of their essential assets and must be able to produce the information in real time to satisfy enterprise systems, supply chain partners and regulators. We will optimize your supply chain with our RFID and Sensor Solution. With experience and expertise established by working with world leading retailers and couriers, we can advise and offer the best solution for you.

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