PalmSecure ID Match - biometric multi-factor authentication

Fujitsu PalmSecure offers a secure authentication method using biometric technology based on palm vein pattern recognition, that can be easily combined with other authentication methods such as ID cards and mobile phones. With PalmSecure ID Match, you can add a new dimension to your security solution. It offers a flexible platform for single or multi-factor authentication using smartcard, pin and palm vein.

How does PalmSecure ID Match work?

Our ID Match authentication solution is safe and simple to use. It utilizes a compact multifunction device comprising of a 4.3-inch touchscreen, an embedded processor board, a multi-card reader, contactless smartcard technology and our high-security PalmSecure technology.

It offers identity management and verification based on palm vein patterns, which means cards that are lost, stolen or copied won’t have any impact because they can only be used by the authorised user.

Fujitsu biometric authentication solutions tailored to your requirements

The business logic for PalmSecure ID Match is defined by the specific application. Depending on the concept, the logic of the solution architecture can run on the ID Match terminal, or either partially or completely on the host system.

View our scenarios, such as how PalmSecure ID Match can be used for transportation, entertainment ticketing and payments:

Benefits of PalmSecure ID Match

  • maximum security
  • multi-card reader offers universal usage
  • highly adaptable with the flexibility to fit into many scenarios
  • quick verification process
  • protection of cards against theft and fraud
  • the optional SDK allows flexible solution integration and lowers end application development efforts

Further information

PalmSecure ID Match whitepaper

PalmSecure ID Match whitepaper
Download white paper PDF »

PalmSecure ID Match Datasheet

PalmSecure ID Match Datasheet
Download datasheet PDF »
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