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Examples of Possible Operations by Business Category

Inquiries Management Inspection Ledger Work Other
Business Distribution Services Customer support FC equipment management Member management Questionnaire & Equipment information management
Manufacturing Maintenance services helpdesk Product quality inspection Trade show visitors & Real estate properties management Manufacturing process checking
National and Municipal Governments Contact for public comments Roads and bridges inspection Senior monitoring
Vacant property management
Postage stamps & Cultural properties management
Civil Engineering and Construction Maintenance service helpdesk Property inspection Heavy machinery management Equipment management
Healthcare Patient inquiry helpdesk Hospital room television inspection Milk formula chart & Prescribed diet management Lost-and-found items & Persons-on-duty management
Education Parental guardian consultation helpdesk Fire extinguisher inspection Management of students at cram schools Questionnaire & Cultural properties management
Finance Insurance advice helpdesk Damaged items inspection Report on banknote numbers Stock management of paper forms
Common items Business negotiations management, customers list, goods management, equipment management, IT help desk, disaster prevention information management, checking employees are carrying their ID cards, travel expense applications, work hours management, daily report management, file management

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