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What is Customer Relationship Management System?

Customer Relationship Management System allows for the easy gathering and sharing of various information.
The standard inquiries and business negotiations management features promote prompt and on-target customer service, ensuring greater customer satisfaction.
Additionally, by creating your own original screen layouts, it is easy to manage the information you wish to gather and share.

Application Solutions

Screen layout customization (Examples)

Customer/Member Management

Enables integrated management of customer-related information, including contact history, as well as basic customer or member information (e.g., company name, personal name, address, telephone number).

Disaster Information Management

Enables collection and management of vital information such as river water levels to prepare for possible disasters (e.g., storms, floods, earthquakes) and to monitor disaster situations when they occur.

Optional services

  • Disc Capacity Addition Option (1 GB)
    This option lets you add to your disk capacity in units of 1 GB.
  • One Concurrent User License Option
    This option lets you increase the maximum number of concurrent logins.
  • Group Tenant Addition Option
    This option lets you group tenants (environments) to enable login to multiple tenants with a single ID.
  • Dashboard Option
    This option lets you aggregate accumulated data, and create and display graphs and spreadsheets.

Customer Benefits

You can choose between a Cloud model or an on-premise model, depending on your needs.
Freedom when Prototyping
The system operation can be tested out and any issues can be resolved in advance, allowing for streamlined installation.
Easy Customization
You can easily change the screen layouts yourself to flexibly accommodate any changes in your business operations.
Because the solution is composed of Fujitsu Group products, we can provide you with speedy technical support.
With the Cloud model, there is no need for servers or special software. Fujitsu will operate the system for you.

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