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Systemwalker Concepts

Systemwalker: Operation management software that supports business evolution and enterprise compliance

To support business continuity 24/7, as well as rapid changes to the business environment, a business information system that offers the continuation of a stable service and a quick response to changes is required.

Recently cloud computing and virtualization technology have been introduced, so business information systems have become more complex than before.

Furthermore, in order to conduct sound business practices, the requirement for business information systems to respond to compliance management and corporate governance are even stricter than before.

Systemwalker is operation management software that supports various ICT environment operations and assists business evolution and enterprise compliance by managing a range of systems, from enterprises that use cloud environments and commercial data centers to office PCs and printers.

Therefore, the business information system achieves system stability, service optimization, and ICT operation control based on ITIL® (ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited) (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

Three types of management functionality by Policy-based Systems Management: System stability, Service optimization, and ICT operation control

Three types of management functionality that support business evolution and enterprise compliance

ICT service management

Optimizes the entire system via visualization of system and operation quality

ICT service management
  • ICT resources are centrally managed as services, and the usage status of the services is visible
  • The quality of service is monitored, and performance management and capacity management are supported

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ICT configuration management

Manages the configuration information for the entire system to improve service quality

ICT configuration management
  • Change management, release management, and incident management based on ITIL®
  • Efficient, high quality system configuration management

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ICT system management

Provides a stable system which allows business continuity

ICT system management
  • Business operations are automated
  • System installation/monitoring/fault recovery/assessment are supported
  • Business operations based on a security policy are performed, and information leakage is prevented

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