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New features in FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres

Dedicated audit log

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres provides a dedicated audit log that is compliant with all Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements. This audit log can be used to counter security threats such as spoofing, unauthorized access to the database, application manipulation, and misuse of privileges.

PostgreSQL outputs audit log records to the server log only, which makes operation and analysis complex (since some logs, such as SQL runtime logs, do not output the schema name) and time consuming (because output criteria cannot be specified, and since log volumes can be large, performance will deteriorate). On the other hand, the FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres audit log allows a flexible and efficient way to accurately monitor logs.

Dedicated audit log

High-speed backup/recovery

The backup/recovery utility now enables backup/recovery of clusters and selected tablespaces using any copy method specified by the user, to replace the conventional, file-level copy process and allow TB-scale operations. 

The pgx_dmpall command and the pgx_rcvall command can now perform backup/recovery using user exits, which can redirect the process to use high-speed copy technology.

High-speed backup/recovery

High-speed data load

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres offers the ability to load large volumes of data using as many parallel processes as possible, given the number of cores and CPU availability. 

Data load features of other database systems can only use a fixed number of parallel process, regardless of CPU availability. In an era of mission-critical systems that are able to take advantage of multi-core technology, this is not the optimal solution. 

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres high-speed data load sends data from the input file to several parallel workers, each of which will simultaneously perform data conversion, table creation, and index creation.

High-speed data load 

PostgreSQL release information

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres 10 is based on PostgreSQL 10.3. Refer to a new window for information on PostgreSQL 10.3.

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