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Maximize Your Enterprise Data Value

Fujitsu’s database development philosophy is based upon the solid foundations of open source PostgreSQL, and in response to the maturing of open source software (OSS) as a viable enterprise database platform we have released FUJITSU Software Enterprise Postgres for the global market.

What is FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres?

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres combines the features of open source PostgreSQL with Fujitsu’s extensions for enterprise customers (improved performance, enhanced security and reliability) while retaining total compatibility with the open source version.

The enterprise business market today is highly dynamic; organizations need to adapt to changes faster than ever in order to take advantage of new market opportunities. The openness offered by FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres provides the following main advantages:

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Easy customization
  • Open standards
  • Multiple support options

Fujitsu’s decision to develop FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres has been validated with the ever increasing adoption of OSS for database systems; our long-term strategy is proving successful.

An increasing number of customers are realizing that by using OSS they can enjoy the benefits of reduced costs along with the backing of a community of tens of thousands of expert users around the world. FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres builds on the strength and reliability of PostgreSQL with innovative features to provide a secure and reliable database, while reducing the cost of ownership by 80% or more.

Why FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres?

Enterprise customers demand a high level of security, reliability and performance from their database software vendors. An enterprise needs the certainty that their software investments are as future-proof as possible, with long-term support and development being core components. FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is the culmination of Fujitsu’s 40 years’ experience in database development, and expertise in open source PostgreSQL. With these credentials, FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres can provide enterprises with this certainty.

Value creation through flexible OSS based solutions 

We believe that performance, reliability, and operability are essential requirements for an enterprise database and we have built the FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres features based on these attributes. Through our ongoing innovations, our enhancements to the existing PostgreSQL features, and our guaranteed services and support options, we can provide our customers with maximum value.

Mission-Critical Deployment

Fujitsu has been supporting mission critical industries for over 30 years with a commercial database specifically developed for mission-critical use. Fujitsu database technology currently supports many large scale mission-critical enterprises around the world. These include financial, medical, communications and public sector institutions.

With FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, we have been able to deliver both the high reliability required of mission-critical databases and the flexibility of OSS.

Enterprise-Ready Capability

Fujitsu, by virtue of its association with large enterprises over a long period of time, has an excellent grasp of the requirements and the issues faced by these enterprises.

We enabled PostgreSQL adoption across a range of industries by enhancing PostgreSQL features with enterprise-ready features we perfected over many years based on our own in-house technologies. FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres provides enterprise level solutions for both government and commercial sectors. Designed and tested on cloud platforms, the following innovative features allow for maximum performance, reliability, flexibility, and data security:

check Secure 256-bit transparent data encryption (PCI-DSS compliant)
check Data masking
check Vertical Clustered Index (VCI)*
check High-speed data load
check High-speed backup/recovery
check Dedicated audit log
check One-click backup/recovery
check DB mirroring controller
check WAL duplication
check Enhanced GUI for cluster management
check System usage statistics

*: VCI is a technology of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. that implements In-Memory Column Store

Expert Services and Support

Fujitsu provides expert services and support designed to offer customers peace of mind and flexible enough to suit unique enterprise requirements. Our expert services and support include:

  • 24x7 support
  • Health Check
  • Operations Review
  • Consulting
  • Migration Assessment
  • Database Migration

Fujitsu and the PostgreSQL Development Community

Fujitsu has used its decades of database expertise to make many contributions to the PostgreSQL open-source project that have greatly contributed to its success today. 

We have provided our ongoing support through various engagements with the PostgreSQL development community, including gold sponsorship of the PGCon annual event, and through our development of new PostgreSQL features.


At Fujitsu, we freely share our know-how with the PostgreSQL community, and by opening up our knowledgebase we can ensure that PostgreSQL is further strengthened, and continues to advance with Fujitsu as a partner. 

Moving Forward with Fujitsu

Now that OSS based databases are increasingly adopted in leading industries, we believe further development of our relationship with the PostgreSQL community will not only provide our existing customers with the confidence to make a greater investment in open-source database technologies, but also encourage other software developers to engage in this process.

Our motto of “Shaping tomorrow with you” underlines our commitment to support enterprises in achieving the highest value from products and services. We create the best possible products to meet requirements, backed up by the certainty ensured by Fujitsu’s involvement. As the global marketplace evolves, we aim to continue empowering enterprises to adapt, grow, and meet the challenges of the future with Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

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