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Instance Viewer Plugin

Fujitsu Instance Viewer Plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer enables you to view XBRL instance documents as printed images on your PC. This viewer works as Internet Explorer plugin. The technical point is that each XBRL instance document contains reference to taxonomy on which the instance is based. This software uses this reference to retrieve the presentation linkbase data as rendering information. It is worth noting that with the current definitions of the presentation linkbase, information relating to the positioning of the data, highlights for headings, colors for the data rows, font, alignment, size, etc is not available. Therefore this plugin provides a mechanism of adding minimal style information for use in generating reports covering a wide range of patterns.

This plugin requires Microsoft(R) .NET Framework Version 1.1(SP1) or 2.0.


A sample view

Here is a sample view where this plugin is used.

Fig.1 : A sample view

Installation / Uninstallation

  1. After downloading the self-extraction file ( from the download page, execute that file.
  2. Then you will see that files of InstanceViewerPluginSetup.msi and readme.txt are extracted.
  3. Installation procedure of InstanceViewerPluginSetup.msi is written in "2.1 Installation" of readme.txt. Please read this before executing the msi file.
  4. This plugin runs on top of Microsoft .NET Framework, and Microsoft .NET Framework does not support automatic detection of proxy information. Therefore, depending on your network environment, you might need to make sure of the proxy setting of your computer to run this plugin correctly. For more details, please refer to "2.1 Installation / 5) Proxy server setting" of readme.txt.
  5. Uninstallation procedure is also written in readme.txt.

How to get the program

It can be obtained from the Download page.

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