Validator for 2.1

Validator For 2.1 is a validation tool for XBRL 2.1. This tool validates XBRL 2.1 documents including their taxonomy and linkbase along with XBRL semantics. This tool also provides functions to check XML syntax and to validate XBRL documents along with XML Schema.


Various Validation Level

Users can specify various validation levels by selecting validation option. Users can use this application just a XML syntax checker, XML Schema validator, XBRL validator without XML Schema validator and XML Schema validator and XBRL validator. Users can also specify which XBRL linkbases should be validated.

Jump to the error location

Users can see the position in a document which an error was happened in a document window, by simply selecting an error shown in error list window.

Direct Editing

Users can edit documents to fix each error directly by using this application. (See Limitation)


Main view

At first, XBRL specification 2.1 instance document should be selected by pressing "Open a File" button or using open menu. Then the document's validation starts by pressing "Start Validation" button or using validate menu.

After validation is performed, Error number is reported. If there are errors, their contents will be shown in the error list window. Document window will show the point where the error was detected.

Specify Options

By specifying validation option, users can control a level of its validation. This dialog box will be shown by selecting "option" menu in "tool" menubar. Users can specify XBRL related validation options.


  • Some of the error in the error list cannot show the error position in an edit window.
  • Replace string function is not supported yet.

How to get the program

It can be obtained from the Download page.