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Mapping Tool (Tentative name)

Mapping Tool is a mapping definition creation and instance transform tool for XBRL 2.0. With this tool, you can create mapping definition and transform instances according to the definition.


Mapping of CSV and XBRL taxonomy

Mapping Tool maps CSV and XBRL taxonomy and convert CSV formatted financial information to a XBRL instance document.

Graphical view and Drag and Drop mapping

XBRL taxonomies are represented in the presentation link view, the definition link view and the XML schema view. These simple views enable you to map taxonomies easily and effectively.

XBRL to XBRL mapping (requires additional modules)

This is used to map different taxonomies.


Main view

The screen of this application consists of four parts; mapping source display part, mapping target display part, mapping display part, and properties part. At first, user needs to load mapping source/target file. Now you can make mapping by drag and drop.

Fig.1 : Main view


  • In CSV to XBRL mapping, output XBRL instance has one numericContext and one nonNumericContext only.

How to get the program

It can be obtained from the Download page.

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