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FUJITSU Software Interstage Standards


Fujitsu's presence in the global software market has been differentiated by its ability to consistently develop products that are based on open standards. Fujitsu is actively involved with various standards bodies and is a key industry player in driving and shaping standards.

FUJITSU Software Interstage Business Process Manager is the first Java™ technology-based business process management solution to work with all major application servers. Interstage Business Process Manager supports leading standards, including XPDL, Wf-XML, ASAP, BPEL, and BPMN, ensuring that companies never get locked into any particular solution. Support for standards like UDDI, WebDAV, JAXR, WS-Policy, XPDL, SVG, and XQuery, aid interoperability and reuse of assets.

Some of the standards bodies that Fujitsu is actively associated with are listed below.

Object Management Group

The Object Management Group (OMG) produces and maintains computer industry specifications for interoperable enterprise applications. Its flagship specification is the multi-platform Model Driven Architecture (MDA). It is based on UML, XMI modeling specifications. OMG Task Forces standardize Domain Facilities in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and others. In OMG, Fujitsu is represented by Tom Rutt, Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation(FCS) who is on the Architecture Board and Keith Swenson(FCS) who is chairman of working group 4.


The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential. Fujitsu is represented by Makiko Shimamura, Jacques Durand, Tom Rutt, Takuki Kamiya, Iwasa Kazunori.

WS-I Web Services Interoperabillity

The Web Services Interoperability Organization is an open industry effort chartered to promote Web Services interoperability across platforms, applications, and programming languages. Fujitsu is one of the nine founding companies.
The organization brings together a diverse community of Web services leaders to respond to customer needs by providing guidance, recommended practices, and supporting resources for developing interoperable Web services.


RosettaNet is a non-profit consortium of more than 500 organizations working to create, implement and promote open e-business standards and services.
RosettaNet has developed a conceptual model for defining the layers of XML standards required to support B2B integration between trading partners across supply chains. It has developed standard business documents templates (XML), as well as related protocols (PIPs).
- Jacques Durand has been chairing the ebXML subteam in the Multiple Messaging Services(MMS) project
- Kenji Nagahashi(FLA) is a Program Director


Fujitsu is a board member at Eclipse. The Eclipse Project is an open source software development project dedicated to providing a robust, full-featured, commercial-quality, industry platform for the development of highly integrated tools. Ron Alepin and Jacques Durand, represent Fujitsu on Eclipse.

Java Community Process

The JCP program is the open community process used since 1998 to develop and revise Java technology specifications, reference implementations (RIs), and technology compatibility kits (TCKs). Today, more than 230 publicly submitted Java Specification Requests (JSRs) are in development through the JCP, with 46 percent in the final stages, and the organization has grown to more than 700 company and individual members.
Mike DeNicola is on the Executive Committee.

Open Application

The Open Applications Group (OAG) is a non-profit consortium focusing on best practices and process based XML content for eBusiness and Application Integration. It is the largest publisher of XML based content for business software interoperability in the world.
Jacques Durand and Fujitsu Japan has been involved in assisting several B2B interoperability projects and demonstrations at OAG.

Automotive Industry Action Group

Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) provides an open forum where members cooperate in developing and promoting solutions that enhance the prosperity of the automotive industry. AIAG's focus is to continuously improve business processes and practices involving trading partners throughout the supply chain. Jacques Durand and Kenji Nagahashi have been involved in the Inventory Visibility and Interoperability (IV&I) pilot project for several years, doing interoperability demonstrations and presentations in Autotech 2004, 2005 and 2007.


OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) is a not-for-profit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society. The consortium produces more Web services standards than any other organization along with standards for security, e-business, and standardization efforts in the public sector and for application-specific markets. It hosts many different Technical Committees (TC).

Fujitsu has a big presence in OASIS.

OASIS Board of Directors - Mike DeNicola (FCS), is the treasurer and on the finance committee.

OASIS Technical Advisory Board - Jacques Durand (FCS) is active on many standards bodies. He has been chairing the OASIS symposium program committee for the last three years.

Keith Swenson is chair of this committee(Web services, BPM standards).

Members include Michael DeBellis, Shoichi Fukuda, Kenji Nagahashi, Keith Swenson and Akihiro Yamagami.

OASIS WS-ResourceFramework,
- David Snelling, Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.(FLA), is co-chairman.
- Tom Rutt, Hiro Kishimoto, Kazunori Iwasa are members.

Fujitsu also has an active presence in the following groups:
OASIS Service Oriented Architectures
OASIS WS-Transactions (WS-TX)
OASIS WS-Secure Exchange (WS-SX)
OASIS Test Assertions Guideline (TAG)
OASIS Testing and Monitoring of Internet Exchanges
OASIS WS Reliable Messaging Technical Committee
OASIS WS Reliable Exchange Technical Committee (WS-RX)

Other OASIS activities that Fujitsu is involved in are :

Fujitsu has been involved from the beginning in the design of ebXML standards, in particular the Messaging specification. Fujitsu has been a leader in promoting ebXML in Asia (ebXML Asia consortium, and ECOM) and in organizing interoperability testing and certification.

Jacques Durand has been chairing the ebXML IIC (Implementation, Interoperability and Conformance) technical committee for four years.
Fujitsu is a major contributor for the latest version, ebMS V3 which has been approved as an OASIS standard in September 2007.


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