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Top 5 reasons to choose Fujitsu's BPM Solution

Top 5 reasons to choose Fujitsu's BPM Solution

Reason #1: Standardize on Process Patterns with Automated Process Discovery

Automated Process Discovery (APD) performs rapid and accurate visualization and analysis of existing processes - instrumenting typical flows, repetitions, and loopbacks to identify the right processes for improvement and continuous optimization. APD provides the sophisticated capabilities to let you see actual business process flows, identify deviations needing improvement, and those that actually work. Interstage Business Process Manager then lets you refine the processes and adopt them as new standard processes going forward.

Reason #2: Proactively Sense and Respond to Dynamic Business Change

The management console of Interstage Business Process Manager gives you an instant and accurate picture of business conditions, processes in flight, and team tasks and performance. You can discern potential issues in the making and take advance, corrective actions to ensure they don't become actual problems - whether it involves quickly sub-tasking work to different team members or creation of wholly new process flows designed to get work done.

Reason #3: Powerful Business Analytics to Gain Insight and Drive Process Intelligence

The powerful Analytics module provides you with instant access to real-time alerts, monitoring key performance indicators, analyzing process performance metrics, and proactively taking corrective actions by creating on-the-fly processes. The event processing lets you include data from other business systems such as ERP and CRM and provides an aggregated analytics view to determine end-to-end business impact.

Reason #4: Fujitsu Cloud BPM

Interstage Business Process Manager is available as fully multi-tenant, scalable BPM product. You can deploy it behind the firewall for a virtual private cloud and host multiple process-based applications on a single instance of the software. Or let Fujitsu host your software instance in its secure and reliable data centers. You benefit from easy deployment, greatly reduced cost, and the ability to design and run processes from anywhere using a browser.

Reason #5: Fujitsu: A Trusted Innovator and Partner in Your Success

Fujitsu has pioneered a succession of BPM-related "firsts": the first to deliver collaborative workflow, first with a Java-based product, first with Automated Process Discovery. Ingrained in the Fujitsu culture is the commitment to delivering high-quality, scalable software coupled with stellar customer service - the reasons that Fujitsu is the trusted software partner of organizations worldwide.