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FUJITSU Software Interstage Business Process Manager


Agile BPM from Fujitsu

Interstage Business Process Manager is the leading solution for the next generation of Business Process Management (BPM), Agile BPM. Our product functionality encompasses all of the capabilities of traditional BPM automation, including process modeling, simulation, automation, analysis, and optimization. In addition, it addresses today's new requirements of BPM for continuous process optimization, collaborative process workflows to support team-based work initiatives, and extending processes to and among diverse constituent audiences, including customers and business partners.


Visualizing existing business processes is a challenge for most organizations. In fact, some industry research estimates that 40 percent of the effort in implementing BPM is dedicated to the process discovery phase. This is because process discovery is still largely a manual, time-consuming exercise for most companies. Identifying and modeling existing processes is, at best, anecdotal and inefficient, and at worst, highly inaccurate.

Automated Process Discovery (APD) from Fujitsu is an advanced process discovery technology that instruments existing process paths, highlighting process inefficiencies and bottlenecks where they exist and identifying the right processes to target for refinement. In combination with the analytics engine in Interstage Business Process Manager, this automated discovery tool allows organizations to identify critical process intersections and stages that affect business performance.

Once identified, Interstage Business Process Manager can set performance thresholds and monitor these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to become an advance warning system for any deviations in process that could impact business performance. Interstage Business Process Manager delivers real-time business intelligence for continuous process performance and optimization.

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BPM solutions have been successful in automating routine, structured business processes. But not all work is routine and not all business processes are structured and predictable. Knowledge-based and collaborative work represents the most valuable and differentiated work performed in an organization. But it's not immune from inefficiency. The challenge has been how to provide system automation to track, monitor, and manage work processes that cannot be modeled in advance.

Interstage Business Process Manager includes capabilities to address these knowledge-based work flows, allowing process participants to punch out of structured processes and to task others for additional insight, input, and approvals. It can create new processes on the fly and address hybrid process scenarios where a structured process spawns the need for collaboration or where a dynamic process invokes structured process fragments.

Increasingly, social interaction is figuring prominently in the development of a participatory culture for collaboratively producing work. Interstage Business Process Manager includes social, collaborative capabilities for decentralized communication and immediate information updates to keep work participants current and in possession of all of the facts related to a process-based initiative.

The product's collaborative workplace is a dynamic, Web-based community framework for collaboration. It provides tools for organizing people and information assets as well as capabilities for sharing ideas, threaded discussions, and RSS feeds. Process knowledge can be shared and refined, and work gets done more quickly and effectively. All with Agile BPM from Fujitsu.

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