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FUJITSU Software Interstage Business Process Manager



The completely integrated Interstage BPM Suite helps companies seamlessly manage the various phases of a process improvement initiative - discovery, refinement, integration, automation, analysis, and optimization. The key features include:

Rapid Create New Applications

  • Drag-and-drop design environment
  • Reusable process fragments
  • Unified environment to create process definitions, forms (AJAX-based), rules and reports
  • 100% browser-based console
  • Offline and online process modeling
  • Visio import utility; ARIS process model import
  • Separate views for business user and power user

Agility through Flexible Business Change

  • Dynamically create ad hoc tasks and processes
  • Modify/update processes as they are happening
  • Process outlining and reusable process snippets
  • Dynamically change business rules and processes
  • Structured and unstructured process management

Reduce BPM Implementation Costs

  • Multi-tenancy capabilities for enterprise-wide BPM shared services
  • Discover processes and bottlenecks in processes based on evidence and actual events

Multiple Rule Management Options

  • Powerful yet easy to use business rules
  • Decision tables - native, simple table-based rules
  • Pre-built integration to ILOG JRules
  • Pre-built integration to Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor

Powerful Simulation and Optimization

  • Advanced process simulation capabilities
  • Workload predictors for performance optimization
  • Hybrid process pattern visualization with metrics

Powerful Process Analysis and Business Activity Monitoring

  • Business activity monitoring
  • Track and measure KPIs
  • Real-time BAM dashboards and analytics
  • Performance-based tasking recommendations

Extensive Integration Capabilities

  • Supports BPMN, XPDL, BPEL. WebDAV, Wf-XML 2.0
  • UDDI registry and repository
  • Supports the leading J2EE application servers
  • Extensive, well-documented APIs
  • Easily invoke web services
  • Allow processes to be seen as web services

Knowledge Sharing and Team Collaboration

  • Team and group based reports
  • Support for process wikis, IM, RSS feeds
  • Rich, goal-oriented project management features
  • Business calendars for timers and notifications
  • Event listeners to auto-sense and auto-respond
  • Triggers to handle external events