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FUJITSU Software Interstage Business Process Manager



Kick-start BPM initiatives faster. Continuously optimize business processes.

Automated Process Discovery easily and accurately visualizes the "as it really is" business process patterns in a company. These not only help jump-start process improvement initiatives, but also become the foundation for continuous process monitoring and optimization to support the business.

Get 360-degree performance views. Immediately respond to business change.

Interstage Business Process Manager provides companies with extensive process performance monitoring capabilities - audit trails, real-time business activity monitoring, and advanced process analytics help teams to respond immediately to changing business conditions and requirements.

Optimize team performance. Adapt to changing conditions.

With insights into past team member performance, managers are better equipped to optimize team performance. And they can easily adapt to changing situations by modifying structured processes on the fly or by creating a brand new process.

Dynamically collaborate on work. Make informed decisions.

Work involves numerous people, tasks, and decisions. Interstage Business Process Manager lets your team communicate via threaded discussions, exchange knowledge through wikis, and even sign up for RSS feeds to remain fully current on the status of tasks and projects.