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Automated Process Discovery Service

Automated Process Discovery Service


Discover & Visualize Business Processes – Automatically

When organizations embark on process improvement initiatives, they often encounter significant challenges in identifying existing business processes. This is because discovery of existing processes is largely a manual, time-consuming exercise conducted through meetings and human interactions. Most workers lack a holistic view of processes, even those they are involved in. As a result, identifying and modeling existing processes is, at best, anecdotal and inefficient, and at worst, inaccurate.

Automated Process Discovery (APD) services from Fujitsu are consulting services for discovering and analyzing workflows and business processes at work in existing enterprise systems. Utilizing unique APD technologies from Fujitsu Laboratories, our team of APD consultants will help you visualize your "as is" business process flows based on the factual event log data gathered from existing systems. Our consultants work closely with you to identify hidden bottlenecks, repetitions, and loopbacks in your business processes and to expose potential non-compliance, fraud, or other legal and efficiency issues lying hidden in operational workflows-- so you can proactively address them before they become real problems.

In addition, with system-based evidence from APD, IT and business management can collaboratively identify and prioritize key processes for improvement. Armed with actionable process insight, processes can then be optimized by Interstage Business Process Manager.

This unique technology has also been productized into our Process Analytics software offering. Please check our Process Analytics Software for more information.

APD Service availability varies by region.
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