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FUJITSU Software Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server


Drastically reduce Big Data processing time using Fujitsu Distributed File System

Fujitsu Distributed File System delivers ten times faster I/O performance than HDFS and eliminates data transfer to/from conventional HDFS. It reduces total data processing time by Hadoop especially with larger amounts of data.

This leads to faster data analysis and reduced time for enterprise batch processing when using Hadoop. For example, a Fujitsu evaluation model exhibited total data processing time that was reduced to 1/5 compared to using HDFS.

High available Big Data processing environment

Built-in high availability features, which leverage Fujitsu proprietary clustering and file system technology, proven in enterprise systems through extended use. This enables high-availability Big Data processing without a single point of failure.

Reduce operational cost of Big Data processing environment

Smart Setup supports reduced time for system installation and setup, along with easy scale-out of Hadoop slave severs via automated operations that are free of human error. This contributes to reduced cost of life cycle management of Big Data processing environments.

File systems shared between Hadoop and generic applications also delivers the advantage that customers can continue to use existing data management tools, such as data backup.

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