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FUJITSU Software Big Data

In recent years, the spread of technologies like smartphones, tablet devices and other smart devices, as well as various kinds of sensors and IC tags has caused the amount of data produced in our daily lives to grow at an explosive pace. At the same time, many companies are keen to use Big Data in their business activities. This includes, for example, discovering trends and predictions from various logs and data sources, and then leveraging this information in new business areas or to improve existing operations.

Big Data Software enables Big Data to be utilized in enterprise information systems and mission-critical systems.

Big Data software consists of four products; a parallel distributed processing product, complex event processing product, high-speed extreme transaction processing product and in-memory data-management product - which are standard technologies in Big Data applications.

In addition to enabling high reliability and performance by incorporating many proprietary Fujitsu technologies that boast a strong track record in mission-critical systems, the solutions can be easily deployed and operated. They can also be combined with products from other vendors, including open-source software, to build ecosystems that support customers in using Big Data.

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