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Development environments are critical to IT infrastructures, because those infrastructures must reflect the businesses they support. The Interstage Product Family requires some development to ensure optimal connection with other enterprise applications.

Interstage Studio provides an integrated development environment based on the Eclipse 3.4/3.6 platform.

Interstage Studio is always a great choice when you decide to bring other members of the Interstage Product Family into your infrastructure. This product ensure your IT team's ability to conduct linkage tests during application development including all processes from development through test runs in a single machine environment. And also ensure the ability to perform standalone application debugging.

Interstage Studio Key Features and Benefits:

  • With the introduction of the Eclipse 3.4/3.6 platform, a user-friendly, all-in-one integrated development environment is provided by an abundant tool group that assists development from a high industry standard of operability and design to testing.
  • In addition to Java EE(Java Platform, Enterprise Edition)/J2EE(Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition)-based server applications (JSP/Servlet/EJB, SOAP), development of Java applications such as Applet is also possible.
  • Because of robust linkage of standard equipment of the runtime environment for testing and Interstage Application Server, debug execution in a stand-alone environment and the deployment of resources to the operating environment can be performed according to a simple operation.
  • A user/development environment for components including EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) is provided. Because of a wide variety of higher productivity tools such as practical components and a screen form designer, that can be used effectively for business development, component-oriented development can be performed efficiently.
  • An application framework that supports short-term application development is provided. Because of a Web/EJB application framework, an application with outstanding productivity/scalability/maintenance can be developed.

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