Long Term Use of Resources

  • Continued use of applications
    Continued use of existing versions of an application is also possible in the latest version. Modification of the application is unnecessary because of the version upgrade, so application resources are guaranteed over a long period of time. Additionally, old JavaVM versions are loaded, so it is possible to execute old and new JavaVMs at the same time. New and current business can both run on one application server, so together with the control of system setup/operating costs, gradual expansion of the business system is enabled.
  • Provision of a COBOL/C/C++ application runtime environment
    In addition to Java, the COBOL and C/C++ languages can also be used, so existing resources developed in these languages can be used to set up business. High-integrity systems can be set up in a short period of time.
  • Execution infrastructure for the Web service
    An operating environment for WS-I BP (*) Web service interconnection specifications that supports the setup/running/linkage of the service as the SOA basis is provided. Other business services that include other vendors and connection with .NET environments is simple, so the business adaptation range can be expanded. Environment settings and application deployment, for example, can be performed according to simple operations, so a practical and easy-to-use operating environment is provided.
    *: "WS-I BP" refers to the guidelines established by the Web Service Interconnection Group (WS-I) that is made up of 160 vendors worldwide.
  • Support for Java EE
    Java EE is supported, so applications can be developed with high productivity. Additionally, because Fujitsu's mission-critical system setup technology is integrated, a Java EE application in which the setup of high-performance/high-integrity business is possible is enabled as the execution infrastructure.
  • High-performance/high-integrity Java execution infrastructure
    The Fujitsu-made Java Platform Standard Edition 6/7, which are fully compatible with Oracle Corporation standard products, are loaded, so a high-performance/high-integrity Java runtime environment is provided. Because of the enhancement of the memory management function, insufficient memory that causes response deterioration and error Garbage Collection processing is avoided so high execution performance is enabled. Combined with control against multiple execution of an application and the queue control mechanism, stable response is guaranteed even if the number of users increases.
  • Application Development Framework for Smart Devices
    JQuery, jQuery Mobile, and jQuery UI (JavaScript framework) for smart device development are supported. JQuery, jQuery Mobile, and jQuery UI can be used to develop applications that support smart devices, easily and quickly.
  • Framework (Standard-J Edition/Enterprise Edition)
    A high-performance and abundant framework for the effective development of various applications is provided.
  • Support for CORBA (Enterprise Edition only)
    CORBA, which is distributed object standard technology defined by OMG (Object Management Group), is supported. An application runtime environment that does not depend on platform or development language is provided, so interconnection between different vendors is guaranteed.

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