Load Reduction for Operation Management

  • Smart setup
    Environment can be built in a short time even without Interstage Application Server knowledge.
    - Installation time can be reduced by simplifying the setup after installation.
    - Information is configured interactively, therefore the installation load can be reduced.
  • Interstage Java EE Management Console
    Operation management can easily be operated in the GUI (Interstage Java EE Management Console). Additionally, multiple applications can be managed as a WorkUnit (business unit). All business setup/operation operations, such as execution control from business setup and start/stop to process concurrency modification, and consumption of resources during execution/monitoring of processing time, can be executed. Additionally, business located on multiple servers business can also be operated using the same view, so the overall system can easily be managed.
  • Definite operations/repeat operations using commands
    All the operations for operation management can be executed using commands. Convenience can be improved for definite and repeat operations that are unsuitable for the GUI.
  • Operation/performance management of applications (Standard-J Edition/Enterprise Edition)
    Using Systemwalker Centric Manager, operation/performance of applications that run on Interstage Application Server can be managed. Additionally, in the unlikely event that trouble should occur, recovery via the network is possible, so system operability can be drastically improved.
  • Automatic execution/monitoring/operations for the WorkUnit (Standard-J Edition/Enterprise Edition)
    Using Systemwalker Operation Manager, system operation/management tasks such as automatic execution/monitoring/operations for the WorkUnit can be automated.
  • Response monitoring/performance analysis for business (Standard-J Edition / Enterprise Edition)
    Using Systemwalker Service Quality Coordinator, performance information about the business application (such as Java heap/Garbage Collection status/throughput/CPU usage0 rate) is displayed in a graph/output to a log. The business performance can be grasped easily/analyzed, and be used to improve investigations into the causes of errors and system tuning. Additionally, response status is monitored across all levels (application/Web server/end-user), so it is possible to identify the problem location when there is response deterioration using drilldown. The performance information can be recorded in the log file, so it can be used to improve plans for server enhancement in anticipation of a possible increase in business throughput.

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