FUJITSU Software Interstage Application Server


Interstage Application Server combines leading-edge technology with Fujitsu's proven expertise in the construction of reliable, scalable, and secure mission-critical systems.

The Interstage Application Server platform supports stable SOA business services. Interstage Application Server provides support for complex e-business deployments such as distributed multi-channel component-based applications, composite integrated systems, and Web Services. Its flexibility offers a range of system possibilities - from mission-critical systems within companies to global Internet-native B2B implementations - while also allowing existing IT assets and legacy investments to be leveraged.

Interstage Application Server currently delivers market-leading business applications worldwide, with clients in the world's 50 largest corporations.

Key points include:

  • Fujitsu has developed high-integrity, high-performance technology to build mission-critical systems that provide stable operation for business. More Details

  • Interstage Application Server offers simple and intuitive operation management, from installation to application monitoring, and maintenance of the business application, delivering reduced operating costs. More Details

  • Interstage Application Server includes a runtime environment that supports open source and a facility to migrate current business. These features ensure that application resources are utilized effectively and enable speedy adaptation to business needs. More Details

  • User–friendly security features that are suitable for both large and small scale systems provide secure system setup and operation. More Details

Interstage Application Server is based on proven technologies that support international standards such as Java EE, Web Service, and CORBA. Interstage Application Server component technologies and development framework increase IT productivity and quality. Autonomous control improves system stability while also reducing operational costs.


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