Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 is released

Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 is released January 29th, 2019

Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 is Java EE 8 certified and has passed all the CTS tests. (*1)

After Oracle announced the move of Java EE technology to the Eclipse Foundation in September 2017 (*2), Fujitsu became a Strategic Member of the Jakarta EE Working Group in April 2018 along with IBM, Oracle, Payara, Red Hat and Tomitribe.

Java EE technology has been included in the Fujitsu Interstage Application Server more than 20 years.
In order for Fujitsu to  keep providing the successive Jakarta EE technology in our products, Fujitsu tries to move forward the Jakarta EE technology as an active member of the Jakarta EE Project Management Committee, the Jakarta EE Steering Committee, the Jakarta EE Specifications Committee, and the Jakarta EE Marketing Committee.

Since April, transferring GlassFish (which is the reference implementation of Java EE 8) and TCK (which is the Technology Compatible Kit) to EE4J projects has been done in the Eclipse Foundation.
At the same time, the "Eclipse Foundation Specification Process" has also been created.

From now, the Working Group will create the "Jakarta EE Specification Process" and "Jakarta EE Compatible Kit".
Jakarta EE 8 (an identical twin to Java EE 8) will be released soon based on these.

Fujitsu will be a major player in driving Jakarta EE into the cloud-native world, and will keep providing the highly reliable Interstage Application Server in the market.


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