Fujitsu has joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Strategic Member

September 18, 2018
Fujitsu has joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Strategic Member.

Eclipse Foundation Strategic MemberFujitsu has joined the Eclipse Foundation(*) as Strategic Member in April 2018.
Strategic members lead projects of the Eclipse Foundation, and improve and develop the technology of those projects.
Fujitsu has also become a board member of the Eclipse Foundation and thereby influence the direction of the Eclipse Foundation.

Eclipse Foundation has about 10 working groups including Jakarta EE.
Fujitsu is also a Strategic Member of the Jakarta EE working group which promotes the brand of Jakarta EE.

 Comments from Eclipse Foundation Executive Director Mr. Mike Milinkovich:
“We are happy to welcome Fujitsu as a Strategic member. By participating in the Jakarta EE Working Group, Fujitsu affirms their commitment to the open source future of cloud native Java. We look forward to working with Fujitsu and other community members in an open process to deliver Jakarta EE specifications, implementation, and technology compatibility kits.”

Fujitsu has made a lot of effort for standardization of Java and keeping compatibility for the mission critical systems since mid 1990s.
Fujitsu will also promote cloud native technology as a member of the Jakarta EE working group.

(*) The Eclipse Foundation is a non-profit organization that manages over 200 open source projects and supports the open source community and related products.

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