The Eclipse Foundation has established Jakarta EE Working Group

Jakarta EE is announced April 24th, 2018

The Eclipse Foundation has established Jakarta EE Working Group today to enhance the Java EE technology that has been provided to it by Oracle. (*1)(*2)

Fujitsu is now a Strategic Member of Eclipse Foundation and will be an active member of the Eclipse Board of Directors and the Board Steering Committee, Specifications Committee, and Marketing Committee. The Java EE technology has been included in Interstage Application Server, and Fujitsu will also include the Jakarta EE technology in our products.

For more than 20 years, Java EE has been a de facto platform for enterprise systems which require high reliability and stability. But the pace of innovation required to modernize enterprise systems for cloud-native use cases has mandated a new governance model - with a focus on faster release cycles, and bringing a more Open Source, community-driven evolution of the platform.

The technologies in Java EE are being included in Jakarta EE, where they will evolve going forward.
Fujitsu will be a major player in driving Jakarta EE into the cloud-native world within the Eclipse Foundation.


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