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How to Get Lean with Automated Process Discovery

Live demonstration and case study presentation

The biggest challenge to improving the efficiency of your business processes often lies in knowing how these processes really work in your organization. You cannot improve what you cannot see. By visualizing and analyzing your business processes from historical data, process waste is exposed and is evidence for applying and measuring lean initiatives to achieve significant value.

Join Fujitsu in a session on how Fujitsu's Automated Process Discovery (APD) offering helps companies:

  • Visualize existing business processes - in less than two weeks
  • Identify process bottlenecks, steps that get repeated, and "loop-backs" in processes
  • Pin-point areas for improvement

In this session, we will demonstrate how APD was used by one of our clients in the manufacturing sector, to examine and optimize their opportunity-to-order process, as a way of meeting customer requirements while driving down the cost of inventory. During this demonstration, we will show you how this client was able to:

  • Quickly and accurately document and measure its processes
    - based on evidence rather than perception
  • Discover 22 areas for process improvement and optimization for both short term and long term ROI

52.28 Minutes

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