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  7. The Return-on-Investment of BPM Suites in Addressing Regulatory Compliance

The Return-on-Investment of BPM Suites in Addressing Regulatory Compliance

In the wake of the financial meltdown of 2008, new regulatory measures were instituted to govern the financial services, banking, and private equity industries. But the concerns behind these policies are not limited to the finance world. New regulatory measures are impacting diverse industries including healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceutical, and utilities, just to name a few.

Join our featured speaker Clay Richardson of Forrester Research as he shares the results of new research on quantifying the benefits and return on investment (ROI) of implementing Business Process Management (BPM) technology to address existing and emerging compliance requirements.

Attend this exclusive event to learn why leading organizations are turning to BPM to control regulated processes and reduce risk, and how they cost-justify these investments in the present economic climate.

Keith Swenson, Vice President of Research and Development at Fujitsu America, will also be on-hand to provide an overview of how Fujitsu Interstage BPM Suite is helping reduce risk and ensure compliance in regulated commercial and public sector environments.

If you are a business-process, financial, operations, or IT professional concerned about regulatory compliance, you won't want to miss this informative, timely event.

Featuring Forrester

Featured Speakers:

  • Clay Richardson - Senior Analyst - Forrester Research, Inc.
  • Keith Swenson - Vice President of Research and Development - Fujitsu America, Inc.


54 Minutes

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