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FUJITSU Software Interstage Analyst Reports

2010 Forrester Wave Report on BPMS Positions Fujitsu among Strong Performers

Citations about Fujitsu from the Forrester Wave™: Business Process Management Suites, Q3 2010 (Forrester Research, Inc., Author: Clay Richardson, August 24, 2010)

  • "Fujitsu continues to show strength in process development and flashes of innovation in other aspects of its product stack."
  • "Since our last BPM suite evaluation, Fujitsu has introduced new "automated process discovery" capabilities. These new features allow teams to analyze existing business applications and data to extract an initial process model. Teams can then refine this initial process model using sophisticated tools for path analysis and detecting process patterns."
  • "With its extensive OEM and integration heritage, Fujitsu's Interstage BPM's current offering is perfectly suited for teams looking for a scalable and flexible BPM solution that can integrate into heterogonous environments."

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IDC MarketScape Worldwide Business Process Platforms 2011 Vendor Analysis Report Positions Fujitsu as a Major Player

Citations about Fujitsu BPM from IDC MarketScape Worldwide Business Process Platforms 2011 Vendor Analysis (IDC, Inc., Author: Maureen Fleming, Jeff Silverstein, 2011)

  • "Customers selected Fujitsu and retained it through multiple review cycles because of ease of process development, ease of integration with legacy systems, an extensive Java standards–based API, and timely and reliable support and professional services."
  • "Because of its technical functionality as a platform, modern development environment, business functionality in its process layer, and discovery and design capabilities, we believe Fujitsu is an appropriate purchase for enterprises investing strategically in BPM automation technology."
  • "In addition, Fujitsu Interstage received a high innovation score, in large part on the strength of its fact-based discovery capabilities. Customers using Fujitsu's discovery services receive a rich combination of factual data about their existing processes in addition to planning tools used to determine return on assessment for different processes under consideration for transformation."
  • "Competitively, Fujitsu offers the greatest functionality in the broader fact-based and collaborative discovery and design category."

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