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FUJITSU Software NetCOBOL Support and Purchasing

Support and Purchasing

How to Purchase NetCOBOL


Support for NetCOBOL


Purchasing NetCOBOL Products

To purchase NetCOBOL products or discuss the products further, please click the image to send an email to the NetCOBOL Team.
Fujitsu Software NetCOBOL

Contacting the Application Modernization Team

To contact us regarding migration to NetCOBOL, please click the image below to send an email to the Application Modernization Team.
Fujitsu Application Modernization

Business Partner

To contact our business partner GT Software, please click the image below to go to the GT Software Website.
Logo_GTSoftwareOpen a new window

Application Modernization Full Offering

To link to the full global Application Modernization offering, please click the image below.
Application Modernization Full OfferingOpen a new window