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Photonics Solutions

For more than 30 years, Fujitsu solutions have expanded opportunities to build long distance, high-speed, and large-capacity networks. Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology has brought about a communications revolution.
To accommodate increasing demand, we must now step into a new domain, one that requires additional technology breakthroughs. The challenge of extending distance and enlarging capacity continues, and Fujitsu networking technologies will meet growing demand for mobile phones and the expansion of the broadband market.
We can help service providers to seek purpose-built packet optical platforms with lower costs that complement feature-rich service platforms to create scalable multimedia networks. Fujitsu provides multi-layer convergence solutions and network solutions that create a new value dimension in optical node convergence for efficient networking technologies.

Multi-layer Convergence Solution

Evolving from existing SDH/SONET and WDM based network to IP based network in Metro Core Network as well as from 2G GSM mobile backhaul to 3G or beyond high speed mobile backhaul networks, a multi-layer traffic control will become more complicate and important for your value creation than before.
Fujitsu multi-layer convergence solutions with FLASHWAVE 9500 enable such operators needs to continue using your current network equipment, protecting your new investment and reducing your maintenance costs.

FLASHWAVE 9500 Multi-layer Convergence Solution