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Fujitsu and the Next Generation Network

Key Technology and Products for Service Providers and Web Companies

Connecting the Transport Network to the Cloud Increases the Value of Both

In the past, the value of the transport network was limited to moving bits of data between network elements. Often defined as "big dumb pipes," those conduits delivered the data that powers the telecommunications infrastructure for the world's largest economies. As the cloud has gained ubiquity and sophistication, the opportunity to go beyond transport and connect new devices, servers, and applications has emerged.

Enabling Digital Transformation

As the network and cloud computing infrastructure fuse beyond previously recognizable boundaries, Fujitsu believes that network value will ultimately rest in the exchange of meaningful information. To enable that hand-off, consumer and business Information Technology (IT) and Communications Technology (CT) must do more than co-exist; they must unite in a deeply harmonized macrocosm that delivers individualized services on-demand.

Preparing for The Internet of Things

As the Internet of Things matures and 5G adoption expands, a growing number of cloud applications will be designed to hand-off information freely and continuously between numerous end points, from mobile devices to home automation devices, to vehicles, to buildings, to manufacturing, to city infrastructure. This digital transformation requires a resilient, reliable, and affordable network that is capable of contributing to and leveraging artificial intelligence.

Figure of essential change of network value

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