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Network Virtualization Solutions

Fujitsu's Value Proposition to Service Providers and Web Companies

Fujitsu's value proposition stems from its unique history as both an Information Technology (IT) provider, and a Communications Technology (CT) provider.

Figure of Fujitsu's value proposition for Telecom operators

Co-creating Business Applications and Services

The Fujitsu eco-system supports our customer's business development with enterprise business knowledge and expertise, as well as best-in-breed technology.

Professional Services: Design, Thinking, & Facilitation

Digital transformation design
Service integration and migration
Digital services/IT systems automation and optimization
Managed services
Business process outsourcing

Software as a Service

Platform as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service


Zinrai Deep Learning APIs


Application software, middleware, IOT devices

Servers: PRIMERGY series (IA), SPARC M10 (UNIX), Mainframe, HPC


Open Network Solutions for Infrastructure

The trends and technology point toward a communications industry that is software centric, with commoditized hardware, driven by content and applications, over a converged IT and telecom network. Open software, standardized interfaces, and standardized data models simplify service creation and allow for full automation. Fujitsu is utilizing these technologies to develop products like 1FINITY and Virtuora that realize the value of open technology.

Professional Services

  • Consulting, designing, integration/optimization of open network life-cycle management
  • Network operations outsourcing

Hardware and Software Solutions

  • Virtuora SDN and NFV software solutions and services
  • 1Finity optical network hardware
  • Wireless network including mobile front-haul, BTS, and RRH

Fujitsu's Key Transport Network Products: 1FINITY & Virtuora

Fujitsu sees the possibilities of hybrid IT and is creating an innovation platform for our customers. The MetaArc, Virtuora, and 1Finity vision bring together telecom, enterprise, and consumers to create a tightly integrated world.
The underlying technology sectors required to make this vision a reality include: SDN, NFV, 5G Mobility, and Programmable ROADM.
All of this is in preparation for The Internet of Things: a deluge of appliances, devices, and equipment that will be networked and communicating all the time.

1FINITY: Functionally Disaggregated Open Networking Blades

The revolutionary Fujitsu 1FINITY platform launches a new category of network equipment, spanning access, packet optical, and more.

The 1FINITY platform leverages functionally disaggregated hardware components and re-aggregates their functionality through enhanced software. The blade-centric 1FINITY architecture delivers unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, providing a pay-as-you grow approach and evergreen technology design, supporting open pluggable optics, open APIs and open-standard protocols.

Figure of 1FINITY concept

Virtuora: SDN, NFV, Service Orchestration and Automation

The Virtuora Product Suite is a comprehensive, adaptable, modular suite of software products that enables network architects to build and grow a virtualized, programmable network.

The suite encompasses software-defined network (SDN) control, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) orchestration and infrastructure management, in addition to network planning, design, management, service fulfillment and performance assurance functions.

Figure of Virtuora Series product portfolio

Virtuora software solutions enable end-to-end operational automation, service orchestration, and network programmability. The suite provides a foundation for resilient networks that make full use of resources, perform self-repair procedures, and responds to moment-by-moment to customer needs.

Fujitsu's IoT Solution: UBIQUITOUSWARE

IoT is a core enabler for the future hyper connected business and a key driver of digital transformation and business innovation. Hyper connectivity will see the connection of people, information and things in ways that fundamentally change business and society. Fujitsu aims to create an environment to support innovation on a proven IoT platform, powering digital transformation with IoT solutions and services for the transformative enterprise. Our strong portfolio of our own intellectual property is combined with a broad ecosystem of partners. Our IoT solutions range from enterprise wearable devices, middleware software, cloud platforms to standardized business solutions for customer verticals. They leverage both our own, and partners, expertise in analytics and AI.

Figure of the advantages of UBIQUITOUSWARE

Fujitsu's AI Solution Zinrai: Deep Leaning Technology, Products, and Services

Deep Learning is revolutionary technology that will revolutionize the AI business. Unlike conventional machine learning with human-defined characteristics, Fujitsu's AI solution automatically extracts features from learned data.

Fujitsu's Zinrai deep learning platform provides artificial intelligence for cloud-edge services and on premise systems integration of Fujitsu hardware and software.

Figure of Fujitsu's deep learning features

The Fastest Learning Processing Infrastructure

Fujitsu delivers the world's fastest learning process by NVIDIA's latest GPUs on its servers, followed by Fujitsu's deep learning dedicated CPU (DLU) that aims for hyper scalability and ten times lower power consumption per performance than standard generic GPUs.

Figure of deep learning unit

Quantum Inspired AI

Digital Annealer is a computing architecture that solves combinatorial optimization problems quickly. This architecture is based on existing semiconductor technology that runs quantum computing application software of 1QBit Information Technologies, Inc. Digital Annealer is one of the optional services in Zinrai's deep learning cloud services.

On Premise AI

For customers who prefer to maintain their end-users sensitive personal information at their own premises, Fujitsu offers to integrate AI system on customer premises with its own hardware/software.

Deep Tensor

The worlds-first technology that identifies characteristics from graph data.

Figure of Tensor-based uniform expression including whole structure

Smart Start

Fujitsu enables AI services "smart start" through its comprehensive menu, which includes supporting a quick collection of suitable training data, learned-model APIs, adjustments of customer's data learning environment, and designing/integrating edge computing devices for inference processing on the field.

Figure of Application oriented APIs

Fujitsu MetaArc: The Digital Business Platform of the Future

MetaArc, the Fujitsu hybrid IT solution, leverages Fujitsu's professional and managed services offerings across infrastructure, applications, and services. This environment addresses the governance and management challenges of visibility, security and cost control when clients adopt more cloud usage, even shadow IT cloud adoption.

Fujitsu helps our customers get the right balance between supporting powerful innovation and robustly managing the associated risks, costs, and benefits of the service provider network.

Figure of MetaArc

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